What industries will grow in 2018?

What industries will grow in 2018?

Wage growth is present in all industries as a result of raising the minimum wage in the economy

The increase in the gross minimum wage in the economy has the effect of raising salaries for 73% of construction companies, 84% of the agricultural companies, 88% of the industrial manufacturing companies, 90% of the IT industry companies, 87% of retail companies and 76% of service companies. The consequence of this measure for most companies in all six industries is the decline in profitability.

The year 2018 is announced as paradoxical: predicted economic growth and moral recession. Significant earnings estimated coupled with a lack of confidence in the future. For companies in Romania, 2018 will be worse than 2017. From this point of view, given the low confidence rating (4.4) that companies give in 2018, it seems that someone is responsible for this test failing. Guess who?

Constantin Măgdălina has a 8 years working experience, while he performed in multinationals both in Romania and abroad. Constantin owns a Master in Marketing and Business Communication at the Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest. He is certified Lean Six Sigma and ITIL which provide him a good understanding of processes and transformations within organizations. The Chartered Institute of Marketing certification furthered on complemented his expertise and knowledge in business. In those over 4 years working activity in a Big4 company, he initiated and conducted studies which analyzed different aspects related to the business environment in Romania such as the economic growth predictions of companies in 2013-2016, knowledge management, the buying experience in the age of digital consumers, social media 2013-2015, the utilization of mobile devices in Romania. He is the author of numerous articles on topics related to innovation, the efficiency of business processes, social media, the consumers’ buying experience in the age of digital, trends and emergent technologies. He is invited as speaker at numerous events and business conferences.

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