The business outlook of professional services in 2018

The business outlook of professional services in 2018
  • The number of employees – Compared to the first half, in the second half of the year 2018 the number of professional services companies that say they will have by +5% – +10% more employees drops from 17% in H1 to 4% in H2. The percentage of companies that say they will increase their number by +1% – +5% also drops from 34% to 29% and the number of companies keeping the same number of employees as last year increases from 24% to 39%, while 18% of companies say they expect a decrease in the number of employees in the second semester, compared with 12% in the first semester.
  • Evolution of salaries – In the second semester, with small differences, salaries remain in line with the growth estimates in the first half of the year. Exceptions are made by the percentage of companies which expect a salary increase in the range of +1% – +5%, which drops from 31% in the first semester to 20% in the second semester. In the second half of the year 2018, 32% of the respondent professional services companies say they will not change the wages in the company, versus 22% who were in the same opinion in the first half of the year.
  • Challenges and opportunities – The most important challenges for companies in the service industry in 2018 are: lack of specialized workforce (57%), increase in productivity (33%), the motivation of employees (30%) and increase in costs (29%). The most important opportunities mentioned by professional service companies are economic growth (65%), increased consumption (62%), growth in exports and opening other markets (45%), digitization and online opportunities (45%) and access to European funds and SME funding (38%).

The findings of the survey Business outlook in Romania for 2018 show that the prospects for the development of the services sector are now reserved. The aspiration that Romania’s economy relies on services with high added value compared to EU countries is still a distant target. Achieving this goal depends on the entry of the services sector on the map of the interest of policymakers. Supporting this sector is also demonstrated by supporting relevant entrepreneurial initiatives in this area. A strong entrepreneurial environment in the services sector leads to a high-performing economy.

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