„Would you, please, fix them?” (2)

Would you please fix them 2

The last option is my favorite, because the ones directly involved and interested in the success of the program relate to what is happening. There are 3 important moments in which you come across this formula:

  • When establishing and agreeing the objectives of the coaching program.
  • Halfway through the program – to update the situation and eventual adjustments.
  • Finally, to evaluate what worked and what needs to be done differently.

This type of interaction has a great impact on all parties involved and is one of the important professional a-ha. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.

Another important element of the process is the three challenges that arise throughout the program. They are the result of observing and reflecting on what happens to coachee during coaching. The three challenges are:

  1. Agreeing the WHAT. Establishing the objectives of the program. Sometimes, the so-called blind spot generates many false or non-intentional tracks. In addition, here is the trap of expectations, in the sense that an inexperienced coach tries him or her to say what to do.
  2. Discipline of the HOW. Especially because the most important part of coaching is what happens between sessions and in real interaction with others.
  3. Support from the OTHERS. In general, people work with categorizations to manage the information blast they are subjected to every day. So, whatever we change in our behavior can generate confusion („you are, but you are not yourself, the one you are I know „) or even tension (” I do not like to manage with your new one, where is the other one? „). I know, because it happened to me when I was a coachee. Things are not set, so the role of the final decision maker in appreciating the steps already taken and the encouragement to continue is critical. You will be surprised of how much influence the final decision-maker can have, his behavior being slowly-slowly copied by other managers too.

Here we are at the end of this article in two parts. I hope it was useful, especially because we understand that we do not really „repair”, especially if the coachee does not want it. This journey is full of lessons. Some decision-makers even recognize this: they have learned new things about coaches and learned new things about them. That’s why coaching is so full of fulfillment. Made with respect for the people, you like to enjoy more and more what you do.

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