Clear values lead to clear decisions

Clear values lead to clear decisions

Pandemic. Social spacing. Frozen economies. Fluctuating exchange rates. Trade disputes. Uncertainty and concern. In this great challenge, companies look like shipwrecked boats. While governments are struggling with the critical health situation, companies are stuck in an unprecedented economic context because, with small exceptions, entire sectors of activity, for a while, have nothing to do.

And yet, the compass that gives direction and meaning to any situation is held by the people, equally those in the „big team” of the company and their leaders. The latter are called upon to make decisions that will ensure the short-term survival of the company, the adjustment to the new medium-term economic environment and the necessary long-term reinvention. What is the solution? The values-based leadership.

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1. A different philosophy of management

What is it about? Value-based leadership is a management philosophy that allows the creation and management of an energized, equipped and organized company to achieve extremely ambitious goals in times of stability, but especially in times of uncertainty. Such a company is focused on identity and mission, so who we are as a team and how we behave to produce value in a relevant way, to contribute sustainably to the community.

Leadership does not mean a position of power or the ability to make people satisfy the desires of those in leadership. Leadership means acquiring the quality of representing and influencing colleagues through personal example and actions aligned with common values so that people act with confidence in each other.

Companies are born, live and disappear in correlation with the quality of leadership. The results of the company depend on the efficiency of the leaders in creating the vision of the desired future and in building an organizational culture based on values.

2. A mission that honors humanity

Values-led leaders effectively involve, motivate and develop people, creating a culture that facilitates sustainable change, resulting in the effective functioning of the company, but also an exceptional level of innovation and performance.

Therefore, value-based leadership is a management philosophy that brings value to the company, consumers, suppliers, and shareholders, without focusing on the special benefits of leaders or shareholders, but solely on honoring the company’s values. This type of leadership means generating value only as part of fulfilling the company’s mission and contributing to the „better” community, honoring humanity.