The challenge of strategic communication in Romanian companies

The challenge of strategic communication in Romanian companies - 1

A new study by the training and consultancy company Valoria analyzes the responses of top executives from companies in various industries in Romania about how their firms are addressing the topic of strategic communication. The study measures various quantitative and qualitative aspects that indicate how Romanian companies are dealing with the communication function.

The report analyzes the answers obtained from 440 top executives and marketing and communication specialists from the local business environment to an online questionnaire made up of 15 questions using the CAWI (computer assisted web interview) method. The responses have been collected from 25 June to 14 August 2018.

The challenge of strategic communication in Romanian companies

Strategic communication within an organization integrates all the business-related communication and involves communicating about a concept, process or information to achieve a long-term strategic goal based on systematic planning. In an organization, strategic communication is a function of both external and internal communication processes. In Romania, 57% of companies say they have a communication department.

Only 35% of respondents say their company has a formal communication strategy, 28% say their company has such a strategy, but it is not a formal one, and 37% they do not have any communication strategy. Of these, 24% say they are planning to define a communication strategy, but 7% do not have nor plan to define a strategy. For 58% of companies, the communication strategy is an integral part of the business strategy, which is relevant because only a communication strategy aligned with the strategic values ​​and objectives of the business will generate trust and engagement within the company, as well as credibility and notoriety outside the organization.

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