What do we need the HR Director for in the digital age

What do we need the HR Director for in the digital age

Companies, in many cases, fail to overcome the gap between „knowing what is necessary” and „doing what is necessary” to continue to grow or even exist in the 21st century. Some companies change the technology, and the business model, while others simply continue to do what they have done without taking control of their destiny in the new digital world.

But companies are nothing without people, at least for the time being. That’s why we need to ask ourselves how do we put together the relevant technology, processes and skills to bring the HR function to the digital era?

In companies with an advanced HR function, the path to transformation means talent management programs, systematic involvement in growing the employer brand inside and outside the company, innovative recruitment campaigns, mentorship programs, coaching, and succession to functions key development of future leaders. In the other, the lack of a strategic approach to make a proactive HR function transformation, as well as the lack of transformational process becomes increasingly risky, especially as technological developments continue to redefine markets, business models, the labor force and customer service.

The results of Valoria’s study „Trends and challenges in HR” show that in the Romanian companies, the top management and HR directors have a very different perspective regarding the most important strategic challenges for the HR function.

Strategic priorities on the HR Director’s agenda

On the CEOs’ agenda, priority is given to the following aspects: creating and maintaining a learning environment that responds rapidly to the development needs of employees (4,68 of maximum 5), retaining high-potential employees (4,53), and assuring leadership skills (4,46). The agenda of the HR directors comprises the following aspects: retention of high potential employees (4,72), ensuring leadership skills (4,63) and employee involvement (4,53).

The HR directors say they are best prepared to meet the challenges that are ranked fourth and eight by importance – a significant indicator of the lack of correlation between the importance and the readiness factor. Moreover, even the priority in the first place – the retention of high-potential employees – is only fifth in terms of company’s readiness. The result of this misalignment is disastrous for companies and requires the immediate attention of the top management and HR leaders.

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