The success formula for 2020: Evolution. Learning. Transformation.

The success formula for 2020: Evolution. Learning. Transformation.

The period of learning is no longer a well-defined segment in our biography. The diploma that is linked to this period of learning is the endorsement of our successful future. The competition for opportunities in our career is organized for a final decision as we learn increasingly more about the implications of technological progress in the world we live in.

We don’t have to repeat ourselves in everything we do. We can let the machines do that. Automation and artificial intelligence will generate prosperity and millions of new jobs, while forcing about 375 million people to retrain, according to McKinsey.

From competence to talent

Talent does not belong to an age or gender segment and does not manifest itself in any particular field. Technology allows each of us the opportunity to learn things that will make him/her competitive in the labor market. All we have to do is devise a long-term learning plan.

In a world of transformations, the skills required in 2030 will be largely different from those in 2020. The latest reports on trends for the most demanded skills over the next 10 years already demonstrate this.

According to Vodafone Global Trends Barometer 2019, the skills of digital technology (69%), communication (57%), and human relations (48%) are among the most important. It is clear the need for a diversity of competences in companies concerned with artificial intelligence or the construction of a neuro-diversity of talents.

The new thinking standard is „be creative”

Knowing the logical foundations of technology is important, but the future does not guarantee success to those with standard experience and thinking. People who will continually upgrade their intellectual capital through learning will be relevant for the future. Companies that will be able to integrate the most diverse competencies to succeed in revealing disruptive solutions are the runners-up for the top ranks of tomorrow’s most successful companies.