The future of human resources in the view of the CEOs

The future of human resources in the view of the CEOs

The dynamics of the business environment, education and demographic changes brings to light the pressing problem of the labor force. If companies allowed themselves to select candidates a few years ago, they are now struggling to find them. Strenuous recruitment processes have been significantly simplified to facilitate recruitment. Companies have implemented development programs, flexible work schedules, compensation and benefits schemes to retain talent. The role of executive research companies is even more necessary and the employer brand increasingly important.

On this challenging background for the Romanian companies, Valoria has launched a new research on the most important Trends and Challenges in HR for 2018. The report presents the comparative data of the results of the research conducted in the years 2017 and 2018. For the purpose of this article we selected the opinions expressed by the general directors on the challenges faced by HR practices, employee retention developments, automation of HR processes and digitization of HR.

The CEOs want engaged employees

For CEOs, the three most important strategic challenges in the HR area are the following:

  1. Maintaining a high level of employee engagement (83%)
  2. Ensuring the leadership skills which will help the organization respond to new business requirements and the rapid pace of change (67%)
  3. Talent retention and the creation of an organizational culture (values, beliefs, behaviors) that gives a competitive advantage to the company (67%)

The other HR strategic challenges identified by the CEOs of the respondent companies are: using digital technologies to streamline HR services, motivating employees in production, lacking qualified staff on the labor market, and continuing wage pressure.

To respond successfully to these challenges, 87% of CEOs say the solution is to invest efficiently in developing employee skills and abilities through education and training, while 80% of HR managers rely on transparent collaboration between HR and top management for alignment at the strategy level.

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