Corporate Sapiens – Transforming Through Mental Models

Corporate Sapiens is an executive seminar that transforms people to transform the organisation

On October 15th, together with Christophe Gillet, we break through our cognitive biases / we transform our mental models. What? Why? How? Say no more & find out more below.
• Disruptions and complexity create huge uncertainty for organisations & for leaders;
• New initiatives must aim at transforming to survive in the new world;
• Organisations get stuck and most transformation plans fail to deliver value;
• This is because these plans fail to address the root cause of transformation failure: the necessity to change our Mental Models.
Mental Models are at the core of Corporate Sapiens. A Mental Model is the set of assumptions we use to make sense of the world, in order to ease decision making.
Transforming an organisation means transforming Mental Models: individual and collective. It is a challenge because most of them are implicit. Hence it is necessary to identify them and make them explicit before challenging them and eventually changing them.
“What can I do to contribute to the transformation, using my existing resources?” Corporate Sapiens equips managers and teams with the concepts and principles that will allow them to act and impact their organisation, immediately and durably.

  • Make individual & collective/organisational Mental Models explicit;
  • Challenge the Mental Models in a constructive way & generate new ones;
  • Enable managers to become Mental Models spotters and challengers.

For organisations struggling with initiatives that aim at striving in an increasingly disruptive and complex world, Corporate Sapiens is an executive seminar that transforms people to transform the organisation.
Unlike existing transformation seminars, Corporate Sapiens is not a process-based magic recipe but a mental change workshop enabling immediate transformation action.
Cost: €375 +VAT / participant
Where: TBA
When: October 15th
Be there!