„Would you, please, fix them?”

Would you please fix them

Coaching – one of the most unpredictable trades in the world. Coaching – one of the “riskiest” jobs in the world for both the coach and the coachee. Coaching – one of the most fulfilling activities in the world.

Coaching is about having respect for the other. Nearly 10 years ago, Aoki-san, a coach from Tokyo, told me over a glass of wine: „To be able to see greatness from others, we must be humble.” From the coach position, we can do nothing for those we „train”, unless they want to change.

Suppose it’s about the top and middle managers in the company: no matter how much the sponsor of the coaching program wants to change the managers – this is not possible. This is not the purpose of coaching. Coach and managers can work together to set goals. They need to keep in mind something important: rather than wanting EVERYTHING, it is better to want SOMENTHING. SOMETHNG is more than EVERYTHING. Because in coaching, EVERYTHING risks being NOTHING.

The coaching fever has caught the Romanian market for some time, and this fever has unfortunately mystified the perspectives of this tool in terms of people’s development. So, without doing something for themselves or without knowing what to do to increase the impact of their own leadership style, some leaders appeal to external coaches with this request: „Please, fix these managers!”

Many people know, coaching is not to fix, coaching is for development. And yet, one day, a prospective client tells you directly: „Please, fix them!”

What options do you have?

Obviously, you can say NO; sometimes being assertive is a very good way of expressing oneself and strengthening self-confidence. But that will not solve the situation, which is not even about you. Suppose you want to say YES either because it’s a challenging situation or because it’s a mission you want to take.

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