The main 5 trends of 2019 in digital marketing

Scrierea corecta a unui plan de marketing care sa functioneze

Each year brings new directions of evolution for digital marketing. Some of these are confirmed by medium- or long-term trends, others run very quickly and are lost in the long run. What is clear is that much of digital marketing has reached an advanced level of professionalism. You can no longer activate in this area without knowing platforms, technology, indicators, mechanisms, and algorithms.

Beyond the fact that digital marketing is becoming more and more dynamic, it is increasingly present in company strategies. Its importance for large or small businesses will increase in the coming years, but the following trends will certainly influence digital marketing in 2019.

  1. Video marketing remains the # 1 trend

For the fourth year in a row, this is the most important trend in digital marketing. We see that most people prefer to watch a video than read a blog post. In Romania, we see the brands publish live video clips because they want to show us what’s happening inside the company through the video content included in their employer branding campaigns. However, video marketing only succeeds if it offers what the people in the target audiences want, seek and appreciate. According to HubSpot, including a video in an email increases the response rate by 200%-300%, and including video in a landing page increases the conversion rate by 80%. Next year, live video feeds will continue to explode, but the real difference will be made by the originality thereof.

  1. Programmatic advertising is a growing trend

For more than three years now, we have seen a sustained growth in programmatic advertising. This technology is highly appreciated by marketers, who know that they can use the budgets for digital advertising more efficiently. In Romania, programmatic advertising grows in frequency and value. Brands invest in this advertising and will continue to do so. The digital display is about to become 100% programmable. But what is interesting is how the traditional media follows the example and develops processes that can apply the mechanics of the programmatic advertising, transferring these mechanics in a specific and adapted way.

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