One Great Success Step for Small and medium businesses

One Great Success Step for Small and medium businesses

Nowadays there are many SMEs out there which are working hard day and night to compete in this market and to deliver the best products to their customers. But in today’s world it is very difficult to have the best product in your catalogue, when there are so many providers coming with so many new ideas and competitive prices. Also there are big companies from the same sector which have big research and development teams equipped with deep pockets to make the best products.

But can SMEs still grow if they don’t participate in this endless race of making the best product? Well in the 1980s it might have been crucial to be part of this race. But these days in order to grow and prosper, these SMEs can also acquire customers by providing superior services. Now the question is what Superior Service means and how does it help an SME to get new customers?

Well, Superior service means that you provide better services to your customer than what your customer expects, and also better service than your competitors.  It means that you are always improving yourself in providing better experiences to your customers. Now let’s think how it would help you to get more customers. While previously your company goal was to impress your customers with performance of your product and your customers tell everyone to buy from you. Now, you want to impress them with your service and you want your customers to tell everyone how magnificent their experience was not only with your product but with your company. In other words, earlier you wanted customers to buy again from you because you have the best product. Now you want to encourage them to buy again from you because you can give them an unforgettable experience. Why this shift? Because excellent products can be copied fast. But the experience is provided by people and people mindset cannot be copied.

Now if you are thinking would it cost you a lot to provide better services to your customer? Well not necessarily, superior service can simply be company’s employees’ smiling at customers when they interact or saying thank you. Superior service can also mean that you make your processes simpler. So that customers don’t have to go through a lot of steps and it is easy for them to buy products from your company. Superior service can be also that next time your employees sit across your customers, listening to their needs carefully and give them the best advice for their purchases. Does it take more money to do all this? All it takes is a willingness in your organization to provide better service and a service culture to enable this.

Why Superior Service can be a great success step for SME’s?

Because SME’s need to grow and because they can make changes faster than big companies. Which represents a great advantage because speed delivery is one of the four main characteristics of a high quality service and product nowadays. (Customer Focus and EY study on Superior Services in Romania, October 2014: 25% dintre români declară că nu au primit niciodată un serviciu de calitate superioară)

Another good news that this study gives us is that 25% of Romanian customers say that they never received a superior service. Which brings a huge market for SMEs because in today’s market competition is high and number of customers SMEs have are relatively less then big organizations, it is very critical for SMEs to retain the customers they acquired and develop long term relationship with them through increasing the quality of experience of these customers.

About Customer Focus:

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